The Curse of the Red Dress: Golden Globes 2013


Now Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing, and so does Zooey Deschanel, but didn't anybody tell them that red dresses are kinda a curse? Yep, if you walk out on stage in a floor length red dress, you are more or less telling everyone you are a diva.

Correction: I LOVE that these young women are taking the curse by the balls and saying, "Screw it. I'm wearing red." But let's not forget that if you are on stage in a red dress next to someone else wearing a red dress.... you are kinda going to feel (and look) like an attention mongering a-hole. There will be blood spilt by the critics online and twitters in the audience.

Just saying pretty ladies. I love a good red dress, myself. But it shouts instead of whispers.

That said, Jennifer wins the red dress war at the Golden Globes. I can tell she is uncomfortable but she is a goddess whether she knows it or not.