Golden Globes Predictions 2013: My Last Minute Picks


I completely forgot to fill out the ballot for my Globes party, so I'm mooching off my fellow attendees for predections. Here are "my" picks:

Best Motion Picture, Drama:


Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical:

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen JK LOL guys. Silver Linings Playbook


Best Director:

Ben Affleck

(you just KNOW the Globes would love to stick it to the Oscars and give him the win)


Best Actor, Drama:

Daniel Day-Lewis


Best Actress, Drama:

Jessica Chastain


Best Actor, Comedy

Bradley Cooper


Best Actress, Comedy

Jennifer Lawrence


Best Supporting Actor

Alan Arkin


Best Supporting Actress

Anne Hathaway


Best Screenplay



Best Animated Film

Wreck It Ralph

(Ed note: I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH askdjnfkjdfaksndfjsfa)


Best Foreign Language Film


(Ed note: Isn't this an award given by the foreign press? Why is this category here? Mystery of the night)


Best Original Score

Anna Karenina