Best Original Score: Mychael Danna, "Life of Pi" & Best Original Song: Adele, "Skyfall"


Tony Mendez is having some trouble with the teleprompter, but he's a cute old dude, so it's fine. He's, um, much less white than Ben Affleck is. HOLLYWOOD!

Best Original Score goes to Mychael Danna, for Life of Pi. This is the only movie of the five nominated in this category I haven't seen, so I officially have no opinion! Ang Lee is very excited to be waving at him, and I am charmed.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Adele just won for her theme for Skyfall, and to celebrate she has high-fived Daniel Craig. She continues to be the most likeable famous person to ever have lived. She's been pissing herself laughing all night! I love you, Adele. Be my friend.