Golden Globes 2013: The Sing Off


And that category original score. Life of Pi wins! As ever, I didn't not see this movie, just as I have not seen most of these movies. Meg Charlton, expert.

From the very brief snippet I heard, this score sounded lovely, certainly lovelier than the "please leave the stage now" music echoing over the end of the composer's acceptance speech.


Best Original Song. Ugh, this category should just be renamed "Painfully on the nose music cues played over opening or closing credits" OR "ADEWE WINS EVERYFING"

Hoi dis Adewe, fanks soi much for dis awad. (As my british co-watcher says, "She's got a proper accent"


No but seriously her acceptance is ADORABLE. We've all been pissing ourselves laughing too, girl. Congrats on being completely lovely and wonderful! Maybe Tina and Amy can host everything and then you can accept all the awards?