Best Foreign Film: "Amour" & Best Actress in a TV Drama: Claire Danes, "Homeland"


Michael Haneke has won for Amour, unsurprisingly. The fact that a movie like Amour can be considered an unsurprising win is kind of amazing, I've got to say, even though I wasn't personally a hgue fan. I'm also impressed with his speech, since I've actually met him and know that he does not speak English fluently. He very graciously and appropriately thanks his lead actors, who are indeed the best parts of his film.

In another unsurprising turn of events, Claire Danes has won for Homeland and is praising her competitors as "badass." She's thanking everybody very graciously, and just made a joke about how "Carrie was, in fact, carrying" a child. She's now thanked her son for helping her fight the war against terrorism. I love you, too, Claire Danes! Tonight has been a good night for female celebrities.