Cecil B. DeMille Award: Jodie Foster


And Tina and Amy are back! "You know what, Taylor Swift, you stay away from Michael J. Fox's son," Tina Fey announces.

Robert Downey Jr. is presenting Jodie Foster with her Cecil B. DeMille Award, and if there was any doubt that he actually is Tony Stark in real life, this speech should send those right out the window. Jodie Foster has just been presented with a platter of stuffed hampsters, and I am not going to give you any context for that! Because it's actually better if you don't know.

This award is given to an accomplished actor (or director, etc) who has also made signifiacnt philanthropic contributions, and it's rarely given to women, so it's a real honor for her to be getting it.

She is probably the most casual recipient of any award all night. This makes sense, since she knew it was coming, but she seriously seems incredibly comfortable up there. Kind of like she doesn't give a damn! And she's praising the crew! She's talking about how important privacy is, which she hasn't had much of, since she's been in the business since she was three.

Everybody is crying, because this is a fucking unbelievable speech. I really can't say anything else about it. People in my watch party are crying, too. Good job, lady.