Best Director: Ben Affleck, "Argo" & Best TV Comedy: "Girls"


To the amusement of everybody at my watch party, Ben Affleck has just won the award for best direction, despite not being nominated for an Oscar. I did not like Argo, but I'm okay with this, because he just compared Paul Thomas Anderson, my personal hero, to Orson Welles.

I have been rooting against Ben Affleck all year, even though I love him dearly, because I disliked this movie so much, but I'm feeling much more sympathetic to him now, because he is so unbelievably nervous, he's reminding me of himself, fifteen years ago, accepting an Oscar for Good Will Hunting. Where is Matt Damon? He is probably the only thing that would make this speech more entertaining.

Also, there's no chance of him winning an Oscar. Which helps!

And now, Lena Dunham is going onstage again for Girls, which just won Best Comedy. She just screamed! She has another speech written on a piece of paper. In the future, she'll probably get better at this, but I'm still okay with this, because I'm just so happy about this happening. And she's not actually using it! So, fine. The Globes have trditionally been better at rewarding daring, younger programming (think: Arrested Development), so it's not surprising that they've gone with Girls, but it's still really encouraging for good programming. Long live Lena, guys.