Best Comedy/Musical: "Les Miserables"


Jeremy Renner is introducing the clip for Zero Dark Thirty, as well he should. I love you, Jeremy Renner. And you, Kathryn Bigelow! Go home tonight and comfort yourself with your Oscar, lady.

And now it's time for Best Picture - Comedy/Musical. It goes to Les Mis, which I find preposterous, but whatever. As I just said, I don't hate this movie - I enjoyed it! - but it is so far from "good" cinema, I can't even handle it. I encourage everybody to read Film Crit Hulk's article: "Film Crit Hulk Smash: HULK VS. TOM HOOPER AND ART OF CINEMATIC AFFECTATION," which explains exactly how Tom Hooper's abysmal direction basically destroyed everything it could have been. Don't reward this, guys! Don't do it!

Oh my god, if this movie wins Best Picture at the Oscars, my head is going to explode. The fact that I feel this strongly about it probably means it will. Damn it.