Best Actor and Actress in a Drama: Daniel Day-Lewis, "Lincoln," & Jessica Chastain, "Zero Dark Thirty"


Clooney pointedly congratulated Ben Affleck before announcing Best Actress in a Drama, which goes to Jessica Chastain. She's wanted to be an actress since she was a little girl, and she is talking about it very eloquently. Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow look thrilled for her. Her dress is a nightmare, but she is a stunningly beautiful woman, wow. This is seriously a fantastic speech. She's comparing her character to Kathryn Bigelow, and has praised her for everything she's done for women in cinema.

That was a perfect speech. If you're not actually watching this, please check it out tomorrow.

Now, Best Actor in a Drama: Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln! He always gives magnificent speeches himself; you can tell he was the son of a poet. If they play him off, I am going to scream. THE SECOND I TYPED THAT THEY STARTED PLAYING HIM OFF, I SHOULD NEVER TYPE ANYTHING AGAIN. This is agonizing. He doesn't seem to care, though, he's just kept going. Beautiful.