Who Won Golden Globes 2013: Full Recap


It was like red-carpet robbery; Jodie Foster and Ben Affleck unexpectedly stole the show at the 2013 rendition of the Golden Globes. Foster did it with her lifetime achievement acceptance speech, while Affleck ran away with two huge awards.

That happened and more:


Jodie Foster - Her brave and convoluted acceptance injected some much-needed raw emotion into the awards-show season. It wasn't about an award or an accolade, it was about her life. She sort of came out of the closet and sort of retired – and she did both admirably.

Ben Affleck - His Argo flick won for Best Director and Best Picture.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey - They were a bit marginalized by Affleck, Foster, and stage time, but they slayed with some edgy-but-reasonable comedy.

Not Winners

Paul Rudd and Selma Hayek - They didn't actually lose, but they did have an awkward-yet-affable presentation mix-up. 

Zero Dark Thirty - It just opened; is that problem? Perhaps --  because only Jessica Chastain walked away with an award.

Tommy Lee Jones - He looked like a broke Scrooge when the camera panned to him while Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig did their words-predicting bit.

Overall, the awards were fairly well distributed. One film did not clean up and nothing really missed out. Go figure.

On to the next one.