Biggest Golden Globes Snubs 2013


So there were the nominees that did NOT win, and then there were those that weren't even nominated at ALL! What's up with Jamie Foxx, the lead of Django Unchained, not getting a nomination? Considering the incredible difficulty of the material, I think he did a masterful performance, as did Kerry Washington. So why did the Hollywood Foriegn Press not add them to the list? We will never know.

It's hard to say there were a lot of snubs at The Golden Globes. The films and TV shows nominated were all so excellent that everyone who walked up on stage to accept an award really deserved to be there.

That said, the biggest snub of the night was Steven Spielberg NOT winning Best Picture for Lincoln. I agree that Argo was a great film, but the political content of Lincoln and the length of Spielberg's career really gave him a great shot at being recognized as the most worthy. Having Bill Clinton present the film to the audience made me think it was an absolute shoe-in. 

I was also surprised that Tommy Lee Jones wasn't up on the stage. It's not like Christoph Waltz wasn't wonderful in his role in Django Unchained, but Tommy Lee Jones' performance in Lincoln was the kind that tends to resonate with a Hollywood audience, plus he is also really getting up there in age and deserves some more recognition before the sun sets on his career. 

Glenn Close looked a bit peeved when she lost "Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series." I imagine her as a ferocious type of person, to whom winning is all. She is exactly the type of woman I would not want to piss off.

(Thank God Modern Family did NOT win this year. I simply couldn't have taken seeing the entire cast up on stage one more time.)

I would have loved to see Tina Fey or Amy Poehler win for Best Performance by an Actress in a Comedy or Musical. I love Lena Dunham and think she is really brave, but her "youthful neuroses" came off a bit annoying at the awards. You don't have to remind the women you look up to that you watched them in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Really. You don't.

I was surprised that Don Cheadle walked away with Best Performance by an Actor in a Comedy or Musical. I have given House of Lies a chance but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe I will try again, but honestly I thought it was Alec Baldwin's year, considering it's the last season of 30 Rock (pass the tissues please).

Lastly, I was really surprised Woody Harrelson did not win for Game Change. I thought he was truly spectacular in the part. Kevin Costner was good in Hatfields and McCoys but IMHO, not game changing (OH! I went there!) Kevin Costner should always win for "Most Boring Personality." His speeches are just the worst. Full on snooze fest. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I have to say I did NOT find Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig's announcement of the nominees for Best Comedy Actress very funny. It was more like an improv gone wrong. I don't think Tommy Lee Jones found it very funny either. His face was a stone as they hammed it up. There is something really irritating about people making fun of the awards when you have busted your ass to get to be nominated. It's a fine line between having fun and making fun and I don't think Ferrell and Wiig's style really suited that delicacy. 

Despite that one odd note, it was a pretty fun night, leaving me with little to bitch about! Thank GOD for Tina and Amy making what is known in Hollywood as a drunken baccanal into a playful and respectful romp. Call me crazy, but I actually like having people to look up to.