Grumpy Tommy Lee Jones Golden Globes 2013: Everything Ok Tommy?


So a lot of people thought Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrel were pretty hilarious when they presented at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. They made jokes, people cracked up, there was general merriment. But there was one nominee who was having absolutely none of it; and that man is the stone-faced Tommy Lee Jones.

The camera panned to Lee Jones for an unfortunately long amount of time while he looked down-right pained. No laughter. Not even the hint of amusement. It looked like Steven Spielberg was holding him there against his will. 

Grumpy Tommy Lee Jones has now taken the internet by storm with even the Today Show tweeting images of Lee Jones compared to the viral meme Grumpy Cat. 

Sure, Lee Jones didn't win for his role in Lincoln but the grump factor was on display far before the snub. Hopefully he'll shape up for the Oscars, but then again maybe we should hope that he doesn't. The more Tommy Lee Jones grump face on display, the more joy in all of our lives.

Check out everyone laughing hysterically while Tommy Lee Jones sulks and appears to chew cud. Incredible.