LIVE updates Jyoti Singh Pandey: Trial not sent to fast track court just yet



Today in Delhi was the first day of hearings for the five accused adults in the kidnapping, gang rape, and murder case.  The majority of cases in India experience notorious delays of several years.  As protests were raging a few weeks ago, panicked government officials promised to set up a 'fast track' or 'rocket docket' court for crimes of violence against women, specifically rape and sexual assault.  There was an expectation the case would be moved to a fast track status, but that decision was not made by the magistrate just yet.  

The next hearing day is scheduled for January 17th as the suspects stay under heavy guard with no official photos released to the media not just to protect them, but their families from any potential backlash.  Details are murky because press have been banned from the proceedings, but reports claim there are no clear signs pointing to a 'fast track' decision on the next hearing day.  

Government officials have also made a special plea to the board adjudicating minors in order to have the sixth suspect, who claims to be under 18, tried in the same 'fast track' court as the other 5 suspects.