Medical Marijuana Crackdowns and Other Ways in Which Obama Has Turned On His Supporters


President Barack Obama continues to trample their own constituents in ways that would seem impossible only a decade or two ago. Let's forget about the broken promises and details that now make candidate Obama seem like a fictional character from a bad chick flick. Obama is waging a war against his own supporters and no one is doing a damned thing about it. But there is one thing you can do that will count big time — reregister as independent (or anything else).  

By now, everyone with a TV or internet knows that the Feds under Obama have been cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries, marijuana users, and "illegal" immigrants. You may be tempted to give him credit for "evolving" on the gay marriage issue, but let's not forget that his position followed a public change and was conveniently positioned right before an election that he should have been doomed to lose against ANY opponent. But he held on. Why? Because Democrats and independents cut him some slack.   

But did he deserve it? Aaron Sandusky probably doesn't think so at this point, but Obama is giving him a lot of time to consider the question. Nor, I imagine, the approximately 1 million immigrants Obama has deported and their families. Even though Democrats generally don't recognize the fact that the Constitution doesn't grant Obama or Congress these powers, the abuse of them should surely be at the very tipping point of causing a sea change. I can't imagine that Democrats who just saw their taxes go up must be too terribly happy. After all, it's not someone else paying the bill this time.  Don't like the drone war? Tough, you're getting it. And you're going to pay for it too.  Still fantasize about closing Guantanamo? That's DEFINITELY not happening now. 

One of the things subscribing to a party gets you is neglect. Oh, they will patronize you, certainly. They will talk directly at you. They will play into your fears of the opposition. Maybe even thank you for your support. But what you won't get is much more than token appreciation out of it. You might even need to get help to take the knife out of your back. But either way, you're being literally taken for granted. They know you will vote for them. What would you do? Vote Republican? Third party?  They know you won't. They own you. You know it. They know it.   

But you can show them what's what. Reregister. Even better, call them and tell them you are. Tell them you're unhappy with what's happening in Washington. Make them fight for your vote for a change. And guess what? The Republicans will fight for you too. Because if you are a member of the Democratic Party, the Republicans already assume they can't get your vote no matter what. It's the middle that dictates the terms of the elections. What the middle wants, the middle gets. By registering independent, the middle got to decide that drone wars are okay, marijuana crackdowns are okay, deporting immigrants is okay. For one thing, we need a better middle. The current one is pretty lame. Want a better country? Make a better middle.