No Pants Subway Ride 2013 Video: 4,000 People Ride the Subway... In Their Underwear


New Yorkers might have noticed something a little different about their subway ride on Sunday: 4,000 people in their underwear.

Panties, boxers, and wiggling Batman tightie-wighties abounded as thousands of people turned out for the No Pants Subway Ride, where prospective comedians, pranksters, and silly people alike mutually braved the elements and the (completely disgusting) New York subway system dressed in their skivvies.

One Queens resident won the oldest participating award at 82 years old. Other things you had to be there to believe include pantless soldiers in full camouflage and break-dancers.

Overseas, some 2,500 people in Mexico City – some dressed as luchadores – boarded to surprise passengers, while rides were organized in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual event organized by collective Improv Everywhere, led by funnyman Charlie Todd. They've organized previous No Pants rides, as well as other events, such as a synchronized freeze in Grand Central Station involving some 200 pranksters – one of the funniest moments ever caught on tape.