Live updates Jyoti Singh Pandey: Here are the lawyers for the accused


As with most high profile or controversial trials, the lawyers become part of the story as the six suspects on trial, bearing in mind the commentary in that link.  

Ajay Prakash Singh is representing Vinay Sharma, a 20-year-old gym assistant, and Akshay Kumar, a 28-year-old bus cleaner. 

Manohar Lal Sharma represents Mukesh Singh, 26, who allegedly drove the bus on the night of December 16th. 

Sharma infamously reminded the world that he had never seen an incident of rape "with a respected lady." And the world reminded him, maybe they had not seen a trial with a 'respected attorney.'  

Of course, under Indian law, the suspects are allowed legal representation and there was quite the clamor in the local bar association regarding that matter, with several refusing to do it on grounds of the viciousness of the crime and the subsequent public outrage.