Glenn Beck Announces Plans to Build Self-Sufficient Libertarian Paradise


In a series of special announcements, Glenn Beck rolled out his plans for 2013 and beyond throughout last week. Summoning inspiration from Walt Disney and Nikola Tesla, Beck has vowed to pick-up where the world's last great innovators and dreamers left off. 

Beck, who started the news network The Blaze in 2011 after leaving Fox News, has seen wild success with his ventures, and only seems to be getting started.

Beck's online subscription-based network features numerous daily and weekly programs, including his television and radio shows. Last summer, The Blaze expanded to new heights after a deal was struck with Dish Network to carry The Blaze as a 24-hour channel. 

Keeping up with his entrepreneurial spirit, Beck made a series of announcements last week and introduced his new venture, The American Dream Labs.

The scope of The American Dream Labs, as described by Beck, is "enormous," and is geared towards innovating "Food, farming, energy, transportation, health care, news, technology, information, you name it."

One of the biggest announcements that Beck made, was that The Blaze is about to become an international network. In addition to a "global information center" that will be located in New York City, Beck also announced that The Blaze will also be adding three locations around the world, which will be announced at some point within the next 60 days.

Beck also laid out his plans for revolutionizing how the news is viewed, by revealing plans to introduce an interactive program to The Blaze, known as "second screen technology." The newly emerging technology will, among other things, allow viewers to instantly find out additional information on any subject being discussed on Beck's nightly program by allowing viewers to pause the show and visit referenced books, videos, quotes, news articles and more.

Throughout the week Beck also focused on the importance of community, which built up to his most staggering idea to date, "Independence, USA."

"Independence, USA" is intended to be Beck's own "Galt's Gulch" and is estimated to cost almost $2 billion to construct.

Part theme park and part city, Beck's project will include an Ellis Island-style entrance, an education center, a ranch, and a housing development. All of which are intended to build a community of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Beck's project will also feature a marketplace based featuring small businesses.

It appears that Beck is showing no signs of slowing down and has proved those who slated him to fail, flat wrong. By bringing innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront of his plan, Beck has placed himself in position to revolutionize the media, technology, and information as we know it.