10 Absurd Tweets Comparing Hitler to Obama


The Drudge Report isn't the only media outlet having glorious fever dreams of an Obama takeover of the country made possible through gun bans: Twitter is alight today with the shocking news that Obama is apparently "black Hitler" ... without the mustache. We've gathered the 10 most tenuous comparisons here for you to momentarily enjoy before realizing yes, this is what passes for political discourse in our country today:

1) They both pose with children.

Prudence would like to remind you that just like Hitler, Obama has appeared in pictures with children.

2) Biden is today's Stalin.

Noted lizardman conspiracist David Icke takes time off from his busy schedule of exposing the reptilian dreamworld to point out Biden is playing the Stalin to Obama's Hitler.

3) They both invaded Africa.

Slate columnist Dave Weigel seems skeptical of the Nazi comparison, but wait! Obama and Hitler both invaded Northern Africa. Coincidence?

4) They have the same playbook.

Michael's understanding of history is second only to his knowledge of playbooks and playbook-related-accessories.

5) People like them.

Self-described Oklahoma cowgirl Barbie Lee knows the common thread that ties all these dictators together: unlike other world leaders, they claimed to have the support of the people!

6) They're logos look alike.

Emily the Wondermom is fighting for truth, one heil! at a time.

7) Obama is on a similarly slippery slope ...

Don't panic! Brad Lymburner is here to remind you that even though Obama is about to kill all of us, there is NO NEED to overreact.

8) They were both "Man of the Year." 

Martin reminds you that if there is one constant throughout human history, it's that TIME Magazine has the power to predict the future.

9) They both like Chicago.

Bonus points to LL McSwain for pointing out that Hitler, Castro, Stalin, Idi Amin, Lenin and Obama all had one thing in common: their love of Chicago.

10) They both trust the community.

Also on @TheTruthBeTold3's Obama-Hitler watch list: baby sitters, traffic monitors, nannies ....

To recap: Barack Obama is actually Barry Hussein Soetero, born in Kenya, a Communist who infiltrated the United States government to bail out big banks, raise your taxes, take your guns and kill all white people. And he's doing it with executive orders!

I just hope he turns out to be this kind of Adolf: