John McAfee Movie Rights Purchased By Warner Bros.


John McAfee’s life has enough drama to make a movie and now, thanks to Warner Bros. and Wired Magazine e-book, it is a movie.

Best known for the antivirus software named after him, the British-American computer programmer and founder of McAfee Inc. has lived a rich and storied life. Due to his tremendous success in the field of antivirus solutions, McAfee’s wealth grew to a lofty $100 million. However, following the recession and some unfortunate investments, his wealth shrunk to a measly, forgettable $4 million.  

However, McAfee did not take that as a cue to settle down and avoid an eventful life. Instead, the man retired to Belize, where he eventually chose the company of some less-than-reputable individuals. Along the way, he also fell in love with a seventeen-year-old and hired armed guards to surround his tropical compound.

If that already wasn’t enough to inspire comparisons to drug lords or GI Joe villains, McAfee then created more problems for himself when he fled the police after they suspected him of murdering of his neighbor.

McAfee left Belize and illegally went into Guatemala, where he tried to seek asylum but was arrested. In detention, he faked a heart attack and successfully bought his attorney enough time to delay his deportation to Belize and ultimately claw his way back into the United States, and has now peacefully settled down in Oregon. Yay, First World immunity.

Interestingly, the programmer is also a yoga expert, having written several books on the subject.

Certainly, it has all the materials for a bad summer flick. Wired Magazine’s Joshua Davis had exclusive and interviews with the man himself and has chronicled this tale, the rights to which have been purchased by Warner Bros. Of course, they may never make it into a movie, but it does look like fun.

Besides, as The Social Network has shown us, the lives of morally suspect tech millionaires are very conducive to film-making.