#Occupy Hits The Highway: Protestors on the Move to D.C.



Wednesday afternoon 25 protestors took to the streets, as they embarked on their two week march to Washington, D.C., in an effort to push the Super Committee to incorporate the demands of the OWS movement as they vote on a plan for deficit reduction.  

Marching 240 miles from New York to D.C., they hope to pick up people along the way, arriving by Nov. 23, the date in which the Super Committee is required to submit a proposal, one which OWS claims will benefit the richest 1% of Americans.

Today, the “Occupy the Highway” movement, is still going strong reports say, despite hitting a three-hour detour near Newark Wednesday afternoon.

“They plan to couch surf or sleep in tents along the way,” said Steven Glass, an occupier who watched the group depart from Zuccotti Park on Wednesday. They plan to walk 20 miles a day for two weeks, carrying everything they have on their backs.

The Occupy Wall Street New York City General Assembly, the groups' Zuccotti Park decision-making organ, granted the group $3,000 for their trek.  

“It’s pretty much solidarity march” Glass said of the movement. “They’re going to walk through all of these other cities, and garner support. It just shows how big this movement really is, and it is really an awesome testament to the extension of the community that this movement has formed.”

Along the route, which will take them through Trenton, New Jersey; Philadelphia; Wilmington, Delaware; and Baltimore. The group hopes to pick up supporters along the way.

“The most important thing is that we are taking the power back into our hands,” Glass said. “Once people start seeing what we are doing, and how empowering the movement really is … it’ll show that this movement is not one that will be easily squashed.”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons