Jyoti Singh Pandey: India Gang Rape Trial Moved to Fast-Track Court


Lawyer for Pawan Gupta, one of the six accused of kidnapping, rape, and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey, has told reporters that, "the magistrate has committed the case to the sessions court which is fast-track." The first hearing will be held January 21st.  

If convicted, the five adult men could be sentenced to death. Lawyers for the accused claim they were tortured by police and now abused by fellow prisoners.  

Notorious for years of backlog having nothing to do with the large number of judges and magistrates available, the Indian courts have chosen to 'fast-track' the case. The Indian government plans on sending all rape cases to a 'rocket docket,' but no word on the exact procedures. As is the case with most laws in India, it's shrouded in unnecessarily complicated language and delays.