YouTube Sundance: Watch Festival Film 'Black Metal' Here


The annual Sundance Film Festival, one of the largest independent movie festivals of the year, is currently underway. While the festival has turned into as much of a society event as it has a showcase of new movies, the festival still does produce a whole slew of films to be seen, admired, and talked about for the rest of the year.

Yes, everyone is looking for the next The Kids Are All Right, or Beasts Of the Southern Wild, but for many the festival is also just a chance to see great under-the-radar pictures. Thanks to Sundance, many of these films will be coming to the art-house theater near you.

Some of the films that don't make it to theaters are the shorts; but thanks to a new partnership with YouTube, many of these shorts will be available for screening via YouTube. Of the 65 short films selected for Sundance, 12 have been hand-picked for YouTube screening. In having the films shown on YouTube the filmmakers sacrifice the film's chance of Academy Award nominations (due to Academy regulations), but for many filmmakers the exposure is worth the sacrifice. 

One of these short films is Black Metal written and directed by Kat Candler. The film follows the story of a teen who murders his math teacher in the name of the black metal band he adores. The murder forces the band's lead singer to do a little life reevaluation. 

Sundance is underway from January 17 until January 27. Check out Black Metal here: