Video Tour of International Space Station Unlocks What It's Like to Live in Space


Sunita Williams doesn't sit for most of the day, she floats in zero gravity.

This 25-minute video will probably be the shortest longest video you've ever watched online. In it, Williams, the outgoing commander of the International Space Station, gives a tour of the space craft she's been living aboard for almost a year, including stops at the sleeping quarters and "hygiene station," lab, and observation deck.

If you can stop staring at the Medusa-like hairdo that comes with weightlessness, even a few minutes will give you the idea.

Searching for responses to the video on Twitter, one almost gets tired of seeing the words "amazing," "awesome," and "excellent."

The International Space Station (ISS) is a "habitable satellite" in low Earth orbit that's designed for running experiments in space and used for testing systems before they are deployed on trips to the Moon or Mars. 

You can track it online.