When is the Inauguration: On Monday, Justice Sonia Sotomayor Will Swear in Vice President Joe Biden


On Monday January 21, 2013, Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be sworn in for a second term as President and Vice President of the United States. 

And Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic justice in the Supreme Court, will administer the oath of office to Vice President Joe Biden (Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in President Barack Obama).

"It is a tribute to the Latino community, to how important we have grown in America that a vice president of the U.S. would think it appropriate to ask the first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court to swear him in," Sotomayor told Fox News Latino via EFE

President Obama nominated Sotomayor to the Supreme Court on May 2009. She was confirmed by the Senate in August 2009 — not without raising concerns about Sotomayor's comments that her "experiences as a Latina woman have influenced her public and private life."