5 Anti-Woman Companies You Fund With Your Money


Women’s reproductive health and the complex economic issues associated with it were at the core of the November 2012 elections. But even as women made historic gains in the Senate this year, women are still being assaulted and insulted in legislatures, and also by many in corporate America. The Bureau of the Census found that on average, women make 77 cents to every $1 that a man generates, so the war for equality continues.

We have unknowingly fueled the assault on women in our every day activities; at our favorite retail shops, restaurants, and even movie theaters. Here is a list of five companies that promote an anti-woman agenda.

1. Walmart

America's largest employer’s “rollback” prices are almost as notorious as their discriminatory policies against women. In 2001, five female employees filed a federal suit against Walmart citing work culture bias against women, particularly as it relates to managerial promotions. The five complainants were representative of 1.5 million women employees who claimed that predatory, discriminative practices have been utilized against them. In the end, the Supreme Court found in favor of Walmart and reversed an earlier decision from a lower court. However, the facts are still disturbing. Though 80% of Walmart’s hourly employees are women, two-thirds of salaried managers are men.

2. Hobby Lobby

There are several controversial aspects of the Affordable Care Act that have rallied pro-lifers, but none stokes their flames as much as the mandate that requires employers to cover the morning after pill in comprehensive insurance plans. Birth control is an economics and choice issue for women, but Hobby Lobby’s founder, David Green, has filed a lawsuit claiming that this violates his religious beliefs. If a woman, who probably makes minimum wage at Hobby Lobby, has to decide between her rent and preventing a pregnancy, shouldn’t the employer be responsible for covering the cost? Unless Hobby Lobby plans to extend paid maternity leave or increase its hourly pay rate, maybe Green should reconsider.

3. Curves International


Curves, a Texas-based chain of exercise studios, has accrued a fortune on transforming women’s flab into chisel. That hasn’t stopped founder Gary Heavin from contributing to several organizations aligned with Operation Save America, which is an anti-choice group that lobbies Congress to promote anti-woman legislation. It is also responsible for funding clinics that promote life and spreading the lie that abortions cause increased risk of breast cancer. Great donation, Gary!

4. JTM Food Group

JTM is not as prominent as the others on this list. But with $100 million in annual sales and continuous onslaught against choice, it is worthy of inclusion. JTM uses semitrailers with rear-panels draped in a photograph of an adorable, drooling infant to deliver meals to schools, government organizations, the military, and other establishments. The words, “Life, what a beautiful choice” and “JTM: A Right to Life Company” also grace the trailer. Guilt plagues women who have had or are considering abortion. Thanks for deepening their emotional turmoil, JTM.

5. Hooters

Hooters girls are as engrained in American culture as our amour for apple pie and baseball, so their appearance matters — to the point of being bigoted. Cassandra Smith, a former Hooters waitress, claimed that she was on receiving end of weight discrimination when restaurant management advised her to lose weight in order to fit into the extra small uniform. She also alleges that Hooters uniforms are only offered in three sizes: small, extra small, and extra extra small. The case is still unresolved, but those wings aren’t worth it.