Inauguration Day Security Will Be Most Intense Ever, Despite Lower Attendance Than 2008


While just 500,000 people are expected to attend the inaugural ceremonies for President Obama's second swearing-in Monday, security will be more intense than ever. Over 10,000 federal agents, National Guard troops, law enforcement officers, and additional security personnel will be securing D.C. for Inauguration Day. Serious restrictions on movement and traffic are to be expected, with major roadways shut down and security screenings required to approach anywhere near the parade route.

Some of the security will be visible, intended as a visual deterrent - while other security measures are covert. Undercover agents will be part of the crowd, as well as more cops than D.C. has probably ever seen.

Planning on attending any of the ceremonies? Check out the Secret Service advisories and find the public entrances to the parade route here, as well as some more in-depth coverage of the security preparations.