Lance Armstrong Interview: 5 Highlights From the Sit Down With Oprah (VIDEO)


Lance Armstrong, the former professional road racing cyclist who won the Tour de France seven consecutive times and was disqualified and banned for life for using performance-enhancing drugs, sat with Oprah Winfrey in a confessional interview that skeptics say was a failed attempt at redemption. Here's what the disgraced athlete had to say: 

1) The Most Humbling Moment:

Oprah: What was the humbling moment that brought you face to face with yourself?

Lance Armstrong: It was Wednesday, when Nike called. They said, basically, that they're out. Then everybody else said they were out. But that wasn't the most humbling moment. And then the foundation (Livestrong) called. That was the most humbling moment.

2) Who Does Lance Armstrong Owe an Apology to?

O: Who is that (Lance Armstrong)?

LA: That is a guy who felt invincible, was told he was invincible, truly believed he was invincible. That guy still there. I'm not gonna lie to you or to the public. Does he need to be exiting through this process? Yes.

3) A Chance to Compete Again:

O: A lot of people think you're doing this interview because you want to come back.

LA: If you're asking me, do I wanna compete again? The answer is hell yes.

4) Does the Punishemt Fit the Crime?

O: Do you think you've gotten what you deserve?

LA: I deserved to be punished...

5) On Telling His Son the Truth:

O: What do you tell Luke?

LA: When this all started, I saw my son defending me. Saying, "what you say about my dad is not true." That's when I knew ... you have to tell him.