Casey Anthony Movie: Rob Lowe Disappoints in Lifetime Flop


Prosecuting Casey Anthony, the Lifetime movie based on prosecutor Jeff Ashton's book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, premiered Saturday starring Rob Lowe as the prosecutor whose tag line "when I get done with her, she'll be the most hated woman in America" was used to promote the movie. 

The movie focuses on the prosecutor's journey and shows little of Casey Anthony's infamous and epic meltdowns in the courtroom — played by Virginia Welch. Others actors include Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell, as Ashton's colleague.

For those not familiar with the case here's a spoiler. According to the Los Angeles Times' review, the movie's "toughest scene" is when Caylee's remains are discovered. The dialog is graphic ("little halo" of hair still remaining on Caylee's skull, etc.), a recreation of the gruesome journey lived by those who followed closely the infamous Florida case a year ago. 

Prosecuting Casey Anthony probably won't win an Academy Award (perhaps, not even an Emmy), and that's good because this movie is indeed a repeat of a bad story we all want to forget because of the absurdity of the outcome