Inauguration Day 2013: Sasha Obama Congratulates Dad For Not "Messing Up" Oath


President Barack Obama was officially sworn in for a second term during a private ceremony on Sunday, during which America breathed a collective sigh of relief — and, perhaps, became hopeful of a better second term — when, unlike the 2009 botched swearing in ceremony, the president's 2013 oath was administered without major complications (is it because Chief Justice Roberts and the president are in better terms now?). 

Anyhow, it was First Daughter Sasha Obama who channeled America's relief by candidly congratulating her dad for "not messing up" during this year's ceremony (though there is still room for error in today's public swearing in).  

Sasha, Malia and Michelle joined the president and Chief Justice Roberts at the White House Blue Room on Sunday, where they witnessed the quick and uneventful ceremony — according to People magazine. "I'm so happy. Yay!" Malia was heard saying after her dad was officially sworn in for a second term. 

Meanwhile, after the oath, Sasha told the president, "good job, Dad," to which Obama replied, "I did it." Her response? "You didn't mess up."

Watch the video below (via NBC News):