iPhone Rumors: Apple To Unveil 3 New iPhones in 2013


Just how many models of the iPhone are too many? It looks like Apple is testing the limit.

According to a rumor circulating on the internet, Apple may release three new versions of the iPhone this year alone. Of course, as with any internet rumor, this one is not directly from the company. Instead, this wild speculation comes to us from the Taiwanese Commercial Times, as it was reported in the China Times, then subsequently translated by Brightwire, and finally finding a home on the Apple Insider blogs.

Certainly not the most promising of sources but considering Apple’s reputation, not the most unbelievable of rumors either.

The new releases will reportedly include a 4-inch iPhone 5S and a 4.8-inch iPhone, both slated to arrive before July. The latter phone has been referred to in the reports as the "iPhone Math" and is actually a legitimate possibility. Apple hasn’t yet made a smart phone that size but its competitors have and those borderline mini-tablets are being received well by the general public.

The report also states that a third phone, with a 12 megapixel camera, will ship before the end of the year and Apple also plans to launch an AppleTV.

This comes shortly after the report that Apple was cutting orders for iPhone parts due to low demand, which hurt their stock but could have also just meant that something new was on the way. Also, rumors of a larger phone have been around for quite some time so it wouldn’t be surprising if this is the route Apple chooses to take.

Maybe the new size will reinvigorate interest in a company that, following the departure of their resident genius, has still been unable to prove that it can continue its meteoric rise. However, while Apple fans are used to having their technology feel dated in just a few months, will they be okay seeing commercials for the latest size offering when they haven’t even gotten over that new phone smell?