Britney Spears, Tim McGraw and the 5 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2013

ByIrene Zampetoulas

Last year was a great year for music, and here is a forecast, in no particular order, of the most anticipated albums of 2013 (in my book anyway). They include the sounds of pop, rap, rock, and country. So without further ado, the five most anticipated albums of 2013.

1) Britney Spears

This next album will be Britney's eighth studio recording, so there is quite a lot of anticipation. I hope Britney seizes the opportunity to craft a deeper layer to her music, largely because its release will be so momentous. Britney needs to use her past difficulties to inspire her listeners. Hopefully, Britney uses her music to entertain her fans while also touching hearts.

2) Jonas Brothers

It will be interesting to hear the latest effort from this musical brotherhood. Without question, this will be a more mature appearance on the music scene. They will surely face challenges as they try to balance audience expectation and musical inspiration, but hopefully this album will give them an hour or two to explore their new freedom from boyband-hood.

3) Eminem

The rap scene is always crowded and 2013 will be no exception. Eminem's new album is one I'm especially excited for. With Recovery being so well received by fans and critics, Eminem will be entering this new year with great capital and the liberty to create his sound any way he wants to.

4) Tim McGraw (Two Lanes of Freedom)

5) U2

U2's last album No Line On the Horizon was welcomed with wide acclaim even though there was slight disappointment that it was conventional and not as unorthodox as was promised. Bono has revealed that 10 Reasons to Exist is a potential title for their next album and with further details still ambiguous, there is little evidence to examine. I do hope this thirteenth effort by the band marks a new genesis to their sound.