Jyoti Singh Pandey: India gang rape trial begins in fast-track court


Jyoti Singh Pandey's mother is outraged and heartbroken.  In an interview with the BBC she expressed anger because "those who criticised Indian women for adopting Western dress and lifestyles were "sexist and irresponsible" and were in effect condoning rape." Her distraught father tells media, "We have finished the mourning rituals for my daughter in the village but our mourning will not end until the court passes down its verdict. My daughter's soul will only rest in peace after the court punishes the men." 

As Sonia Gandhi finally comments to media that she feels the behavior of men involved in the laundry list of heinous gang rapes being reported is "shameful," the trial for the five adult suspects has begun. 

As we've reported before the legal team involved in the case provide just as much news as does the case itself.  Trial was delayed by more than an hour as two issues were raised by the accused attorneys.  


First, the gag order on media in the courtroom will remain as Judge Yogesh Khanna denied defendant's motion to remove it.  The second issue raised was a concern for many who are demanding fast-track/'rocket docket' for all rape cases in an Indian judicial system that is infamous for delays of several years.  Attorney for defendants requested the trial be moved to a court outside of the capital city, claiming their clients would be unable to get a fair trial in Delhi.  Judge Khanna has agreed to consider the request but it remains to be seen how protesters will react if it is approved on January 22nd.  

Opening statements will be delivered Thursday, January 24th and will continue every day of the week.