Commander in Chief Debate: Pakistan, Iran, and Torture




Should America send troops to Pakistan to clear our terrorist safe havens? Cain would consult his advisors. Romney explains that Pakistan is a fragile nation that is close to be a failed state, and argues that drones, and not troops, are a less incendiary solution. 




Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich argue for going to war with Iran to keep them from attaining nuclear weapons. 




What is your stance on torture? Cain and Bachmann want to return to waterboarding. Paul argues that waterboarding is illegal, unamerican, and useless. 

WEIGH-IN: In the first foreign policy debate, the GOP candidates address complex questions on U.S. policy towards the Iran, Pakistan, the Arab Spring, China, and Afghanistan. What did you learn about the candidates from their responses? Which candidate did you find yourself agreeing with? Who won the debate?