Lady Gaga White House Ball 2013 YouTube Video: Watch Gaga Perform at Obama's Inauguration


Though President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were officially sworn in both on Sunday and Monday, the inauguration 2013 festivities were still going on Tuesday night when legendary pop start Lady Gaga closed the MLK weekend-long event by performing privately for the staff of the White House. 

And, though First Lady Michelle Obama's "bangs" and Beyonce lip-syncing the national anthem on Monday have stolen most of the headlines so far, it is now Mother Monster's turn to step into the spotlight.  

According to Digital Spy, Gaga — who wore a "long white dress customized with bubble ball shoulder pads" — performed a "reworked" version of her hit 'You And I.' 

"You won twice," she then told the audience, obviously referring to Obama's reelection, while the White House staff responded by "cheering loudly."

Mother Monster also performed 'Born This Way,' and was joined on stage — where she played the piano besides singing live (sorry Beyonce) — by jazz legend Tony Bennett.

Watch the video below: