Hillary vs. Biden 2016: Freshly Inaugurated VP Looks to the Future


Fresh off his second inauguration, Vice President Joe Biden is laying the ground for a potential 2016 presidential run of his own — reported the AP

Biden reportedly "packed" his inauguration schedule with events attended by Democratic party insiders, further stoking 2016 presidential rumors, as he networked his newly minted accomplishments regarding the fiscal cliff and gun control. 

However, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton — currently grilled in Congress by her potential 2016 Republican presidential rival Rand Paul, among other lawmakers, regarding the Benghazi attack — remains the heavy favorite to cruise the Democratic Party to a third consecutive presidential term. And Biden knows it.

"There's a whole lot of reasons why I wouldn’t run,’" The vice president said. ‘"I don’t have to make that decision for a while. In the meantime, there's one thing I know I have to do, no matter what I do. I have to help this president move this country to the next stage," he added.

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