Matt Bomer White Collar: No More Pretend, Matt Bomer Is Solving FBI Cases For Real


White Collar may be all fantasy and fiction, but viewers of the crime drama are now being asked to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation to solve real life crimes. The FBI and USA Networks have created a program called "Real Life White Collar Crimes," created to "raise awareness of some of the biggest unsolved art crimes of the last decade." The crimes the campaign is hoping to help solve are all related to art.

A website for Real Life White Collar Crimes provides detailed information on some of the most important and unsolved cases in the art world: including the Maxfield Parrish murals stolen from a Los Angeles gallery in 2002, an antique Persian rug stolen in 1977, and a rare Johannes Vermeer painting stolen in 1990 from a Boston museum. 

The campaign publicizes clues online about these open cases via photo galleries and short descriptions. If viewers, or website readers, know anything about the stolen items they are asked to contact the FBI field office or submit tips online. If anything, the program raises awareness about crimes that might have fallen out of the public eye.

Real Life White Collar Crimes also leans heavily on the White Collar star Matt Bomer and his character Neal Caffrey to sell the campaign. The website reads, "as Peter might tell Neal, a well-planned caper can be thrilling, but doing good is the more exciting adventure." Bomer's famed good looks won't help to get the campaign some attention either.