Kobe Bryant Live Tweeted While Re-Watching His 2006 81-Point Game, and It Was Magical


Twitter is often a place to promote oneself. I, for example, will be tweeting this article out for all of my followers to see. This world of self-promotion sometimes gets out of hand and turns into a world of tweets where everyone explains how great they are. “Humblebragging,” the act of subtly saying how amazing you are while also attempting to show humility, is a common occurrence in the Twitterverse. 

Sometimes, though, a person like Kobe Bryant gets a Twitter account, and the “humble” can be taken out of the equation all together. Kobe Bryant just brags.

It was on full display Tuesday night on the seventh anniversary of Bryant’s 81 point explosion against the Toronto Raptors. Bryant watched the game film and live tweeted the event.

What follows is a sampling of his tweets along with a running commentary of how ridiculous they all were: 

As one Twitter user said said:

Further Kobe Bryant commentary included this gem:

Nike Basketball did set up the "Count On Kobe" hashtag, and here Bryant does attempt to poke fun at himself by noting the ridiculousness of these hashtags, but he counters it by reminding everyone that he did score 81 points this game.

This may be the best tweet of them all. Bryant claiming he could have equaled Wilt Chamberlain's record of 100 points in a game even though he was 19 shy. But don't worry, this wasn't even his most self-gratuitous tweet ...

Replacing "#countonkobe" with "#masterpiece" is fantastic. To be fair, the game was a masterpiece. Bryant hit about every shot he took and did so elegantly. Bryant is a pretty player to watch play the game of basketball. This game was him at his best. 

Kobe Bryant did not have a Twitter account until January 4 of this year. Bryant was a veteran in the NBA by the time he had his 81 point game. Thankfully it only took him 18 days to realize his potential in the world of Twitter.