Taro Aso: 10 Awesome Gaffes By Japan's Joe Biden


For many, Japan’s videogames are better. For others, Japan’s special effects are better. And, as Japanese finance minister Taro Aso shows, Japan’s political gaffes are better. So, for all the people bemoaning Mitt Romney’s 47% remark, here is what real political gaffes look like, courtesy of Taro Aso.

1. On Grandma’s Welfare

“The problem won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die.”

Bonus: People on life support are “tube people."

2. On Booming Economies

Japan should become the kind of successful country where “the richest Jews would want to live."

3. On Rice Prices

“Even Alzheimer's patients [can tell rice prices are higher in China].”

4. On Doctors

“I understand that hospitals in rural areas are having trouble getting doctors. There are many who lack a fair degree of common sense. Their values are very different.”

5. On Good Mothers

“I respect the kindergarten director who said that the people who should be disciplined are the mothers rather than the children.”

6. On His Opposition Party


7. On Why America is Not Succeeding in the Middle East

“[Because you have] blue eyes and blond hair. Bonus: Japan succeeds because they have “yellow faces [and have] never been involved in exploitation there, or been involved in fights or fired machine guns."

8. On Pensioners

“I see people aged 67 or 68 at class reunions who dodder around and are constantly going to the doctor…why should I have to pay for people who just eat and drink and make no effort?”

9. On Youth Unemployment

“Penniless young men [are unworthy of marriage] … it would seem difficult to me that someone without a salary can be seen as worthy of the respect.”

10. On Ethnic Diversity

Japan is "one nation, one civilization, one language, one culture and one race." Note: the Ainu minority was not fond of this statement.

Oh yeah, he has also commended Japan’s former imperialist rule in Taiwan. And here, we were complaining about “we’re going to f—ing win this.”