New Internet Explorer Ad: Everything We Loved About the 90's in One, Perfect 1:41 Minute Ad


If you consider yourself a child of the 90s, Please watch:

While this ad may not get me to start using Internet Explorer, it certainly made my day. 

While the video does speak for itself, here goes my stream of conscience as I watched:

- Snap bracelet: wore one of those to flirt with my crush on my 8th grade trip to the amusement park.

- Yin Yang: had some sweet Pog Slammers with Yin Yangs on them.

- Yo-Yos: holy cow, the Yomega Brain Yo-Yo with the gears was the unstoppable, just spinning for days. 

- 56K modem: family didn't get Internet until I was in 6th grade. I miss AIM.

- Oregon Trail: Is this game better than any of that Halo drivel they put out today? Yes. No one in Halo has to worry about dysentery.

- Tamagotchi: mom wouldn't buy me one of these. No internet and no Tamagotchi, I had a rough upbringing.

- Lunchables: not gonna lie, still treat myself to one of these every once in a while.

- Super Soaker: so stinking awesome.

- Bowl-cuts: I still have nightmares about my mom knicking my ear while giving me a bowl cut. 

- Chain wallets: as a middle schooler, I was terrified of the high schoolers with chain wallets.

- Pogs: POGS! With my Yin Yang Slammer and my chipper, I still wasn't that great at pogs. But I loved everything about them. What a great way to gamble when you were a kid.

- L.A. Lights: I still think about the story of the guy who was caught robbing a bank because he was wearing Lights shoes. Classic.

Now as I reel from my memories of my terrible bowl-cut, losing all my pogs, and my Oregon Trail character dying of dysentery, I ask myself, "What did they miss?"

What other 90s staples should have been included?