Assault Weapons Ban Supporters March in Washington to Demand Gun Control


"Thousands" of gun control advocates rallied in Washington D.C. this Saturday to support President Obama's assault weapons ban in the wake of the Aurora and Newtown mass shootings — reported USA Today.

From USA Today:

More than 1,000 white posters with the names of victims of gun violence were passed out to participants, but many also brought their own. "Gun Control Now" and "Stop NRA" were some of the most popular, but homemade signs were also in abundance. Members of the Women's Initiated Peace Movement carried pink cardboard guns that said "Gun control now" and hearts that read, "Arms are for hugging."

Molly Smith, the organizer said she produced the event because "it just popped out of [her]" that the guns issue it's "everybody's issue." The donors who donated the $46,000 Smith has raised so far agree — as do the reportedly 100 Newtown, Connecticut, residents who attended the march. 

According to HuffPo, the crowd "called for a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition and for universal background checks on gun sales," as soon as it arrived at the Washington Monument — where Education Secretary Arne Duncan addressed the crowd.