Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Tears Apart at the SAG Awards (VIDEO)


Silver Lining Playbook's actress Jennifer Lawrence won the best actor award at the 2013 SAG Awards. The actress beamed with excitement as she made it through the auditorium's floor on her way to the stage in which steps her dress seemed to have ripped apart just above the knee. Watch on the video below (2:30). 

Lawrence surprised look was a refreshing moment during an otherwise predictable awards season where critics as well as the audience have broadly favored Hollywood giants such as Steven Spielberg. 

The other surprise was Ben Affleck's CIA thriller Argo, about the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, which — despite of being snubbed by the Academy in the best director category — went on to win best picture at the Golden Globes, the Producers Guild Awards and now the SAG Awards (best casting).