When is the Iran 2013 Presidential Election? On June 14 Another Green Revolution Could Rock Iran


Ahead of the June 14 presidential election, Iran has arrested 14 journalists for allegedly cooperating with foreign-based Persian-language media outlets — reported Al Jazeera

"It seems that they wanted to go for prominent, well-known names and take them in a dramatic style to make a point," editorial cartoonist Mana Neyestani told Farsi-language Raha TV, a UK-based opposition channel. Neyestani lives in exile in France.  

According to Al Jazeera, Iran has denounced in recent years the Voice of America (VOA) and the BBC's Persian service as "arms of US and British intelligence agencies."

And Sherif Mansour, the Middle East and North Africa Program Co-coordinator for the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, said Iran is "the worst jailer of journalists worldwide." "[...] since the 2009 [contested presidential reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad], the country has continued pressure, jail-time, torture and even lashing sentences against journalists," Mansour said.

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