Tornado Warning LIVE: Severe Weather Storm Path, Damage, Updates


rA good portion of the eastern United States woke up Wednesday morning to threats of severe weather. A severe thunderstorm outbreak began Tuesday night in the central states. The storm is expected to head east throughout Wednesday, with areas in the Appalachians, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Southeast at risk for severe thunderstorms, winds, and tornados until Wednesday evening. 

On Wednesday (during the day) the major cities threatened by the storm include Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Knoxville, Mobile, Pensacola, and Pittsburgh. Damaging winds are expected as are tornados in the south. 

On Wednesday night the major cities under threat include Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington D.C., Richmond, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Hartford, and Boston. Cities should be on alert for strong damaging winds with tornados possible in the south.