BB10 Announcement: Should I Switch my iPhone and/or Android?


As we all wait for the much anticipated announcement from RIM regarding its hyped BlackBerry 10, or BB10, many are wondering on Twitter if the new device will be a game changer in an already highly competitive smarphone industry — with players like Apple (iPhone) and Google (Android) already dominating the market. "I'm kinda hoping the new BB10 sucks cuz I just upgraded my iPhone and it was f---- expensive!" said a commenter on Twitter under the #BlackBerry10 hashtag. However, according to Forbes, some others are skeptical about the product. 

From Forbes:

RIM's global market share is down to roughly 6% from a peak of  20% just three years ago; its shares are down 80% in the same period. This is a story of how quickly even dominant players in the new world of telecoms can fall behind if they stall in development: take a breath and you're king of the industry; let it out and someone just overtaken you. In RIM’s case, iPhones and Android phones became the devices everyone wanted for both work and play, crimping RIM's marketshare after a peak in 2009. A trickier-than-expected transition from RIM’s purchase of QNX in 2010 didn’t help matters. QNX technology will now power BB10.

But all this could change today. Stay tuned to find out if RIM makes it.