Sen. Chuck Grassley Blames Video Games For Mass Shootings


Sen. Chuck Grassley had harsh words for gun control supporters today, blaming depictions of violence in the media and a broken mental health system for mass shootings.

Grassley urged the committee to support gun rights in any solution. Except for slavery, Grassley said that the Constitution limits only what the government could do, not individuals. He said that citizens were correct to suspect that "congress may enact legislation that may lead to a tyrannical government."

Additonally, Grassley accused violent video games of contributing to mass killings. Citing the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist who kiled 77 and wounded 242 people attending a Worker's Youth League meeting in Norway, Grassley said that video games could be used as mass killing training simulators. 

"Where is the artistic value of shooting innocent victims?" Grassley asked.