Marty Mallick: Skype, Amazon Kindle and WatsApp Are "Committed" to BlackBerry 10


Marty Mallick, BlackBerry's Senior Director of Business Development, took center stage to highlight BB 10's "committed apps." "We have Skype, Amazon Kindle, WhatsApp and ... Angry Birds!" they're all committed to BlackBerry 10. It hardly seems an innovative concept when all of these apps have been available — most of them for free — through both the Apple and Google Play stores. "No one will feel a lack of applications with BlackBerry 10," said Mallick in what it seems more like a last-minute effort from BlackBerry (formerly RIM) to catch up with an already existing market than a truly innovative concept of mobile content consumption. Prior to Mallikc's presentation, Heins talked about all the movies, TV shows and books that will be available with BlackBerry. Again, old news.