4 Places You Could Go If You Racked Up Hillary Clinton's Flight Miles


Hillary Clinton may be the most interesting secretary of state ever, as she has just broke records for traveling to the most countries ever. To date Clinton has traveled to a total of 112 countries, breaking Madeline Albright's previous record of 98. Clinton’s hands-on approach has been a key to her success in her role as Secretary of State.

According to the official U.S. State Department website, the Secretary has traveled an astounding 956,733 miles. In their segment “Travels with Secretary” the State Department states that Clinton has visited the 112 countries within 401 days.  The breakdown of the travel time is 2084.21 hours/ 86.8 days. These statistics are truly remarkable, and can make anyone feel like they are severely slacking in the travel department. With the total distance Clinton has traveled, she could have made some pretty outrageous trips.

In the same number of miles traveled, Clinton could have:

1. Taken 195 round trips between New York and Los Angeles

A round trip distance between the cities is 4,896.58 miles. Clinton could've racked up some serious frequent flyer miles.

2. Gone to the Moon and back ... twice

The average distance from Earth to the Moon is 238,900 miles. I guess Clinton really loves her job “to the moon and back”?

3. Gone to Ban Ki-moon and back 69 times

Assuming the United Nations secretary-general is back in his home country of South Korea, Clinton could travel from Washington, D.C. to Seoul and back 69 times. Seoul 6,945 miles from the U.S. capital. 

4. Traveled around the world 39 times

The circumference of the Earth is approximately 24,901 miles. Thirty-nine orbits is a lot!

From an earthly perspective, Clinton's mileage is impressive, but cosmically speaking it's not much. 

It is truly admirable the amount of traveling Hillary Clinton has accomplished, in addition to the constructive diplomacy she's engaged in over the last four years. It certainly speaks volumes about her work ethic. Her round-the-clock work will set a precedent to future secretaries in that a successful job cannot necessarily occur from staying in Foggy Bottom.