5 Losers in the CNN Shakeup


A new executive at CNN is “shaking up” the 24-hour news network by firing, hiring, and moving things around.

Jeff Zucker took over CNN on January 21 in an effort to bring the third-ranked news network out of the pack and into pole position. In any such shakeup, there are often a handful of "losers," and here they are.

1. Piers Morgan gets bumped to late night

Piers Morgan currently occupies the coveted former seat of Larry King and as of late has been setting off some fires with his, at times seemingly bizarre, interviews. They either weren’t enough to save his position or what will likely catapult him out of a cushy spot and into the lesser rank of late night slots.

2. Soledad O'Brien loses her morning show

While she may not be a loser in the shakeup, she is getting kicked out of her morning spot by the new show with Chris Cuomo. It’s unclear exactly where she’ll be in the lineup, but CNN executives noted that she remains an integral voice on the news network. O'Brien's a favorite of the right-leaning media...as someone to trash, unfortunately.

3. James Carville won't be able to "phone it in"

The “Rajin' Cajun” will no longer be a part of CNN’s political coverage. Zucker wants commentators to be in-studio and will no longer accept them participating remotely. Carville typically joins in from New Orleans with his wife.

4. John King gets bumped

King's show was canceled months ago and was one of the first to lose out during the network's flouderings. He is still a stalwart of CNN's political coverage.

5. Millennials

The majority of the network’s viewers are 35 or older and the latest changes aren't likely to do anything to make CNN more attractive to the millennial generation. It'll still be talking heads and faux debate. Maybe next time CNN shakes things up, they'll shake up things for us.