Colin Kaepernick Accurately Predicted He Would Be Playing For The 49ers When He Was in 4th Grade


The mega-cute, handwritten note you see above was not written by just any kid: it’s a motivational letter written by a 4th-grade Colin Kaepernick in which he accurately (and a little uncannily) predicts he would play football for the San Francisco 49ers.

Kaepernick nailed his height prediction (6’ 4”), but he’s a little off on the weight: it’d be hard to find any football player at 140 lbs. The lightest player I can find is the Washington Redskins’ Brandon Banks at 150, and he’s a wide receiver. Kaepernick is a 230 lb quarterback. That’s nearly 40% off.

Given his Nostradamus-esque powers of prediction in other arenas, I won’t give him the yellow flag on that one. Kaepernick already lobs rockets harder than a nuclear submarine, so all that’s missing here is another line saying “also, I will beat the Ravens in the 2013 Superbowl” for near-100% accuracy.

(Whoops! Bias!)