YouTube Best Super Bowl Ads 2013: Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen in Samsung Commercial


So as it turns out, only official NFL advertisers (like Pepsi) can use the phrase "Super Bowl" in their Super Bowl advertising. This leads to some interesting examples of talking around words, a lot of allusions, and a lo-ot of mentions of the "big game." 

In a teaser for Samsung's new Super Bowl ad, they deal with the issue head on. The ad features Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd pitching ideas for a Samsung Super Bowl commericial. The caveat is that the two actors are not only are trying to avoid saying the words "Super Bowl," they're also been instructed to avoid the names of the competing teams names: the 49ers and the Ravens. They finally settle on referring to the Super Bowl as "the big plate, featuring the San Fransisco 50 minues one-ers and the Baltimore black birds."

The full ad will be released later this week and will be directed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau (not too shabby, Samsung.) 

Previews, an A-list director, mega movie stars; Super Bowl ads are looking a lot like movies these days ... that is if you couldn't say any of the characters names or what they were doing. 

Check out the preview for the new Samsung ad here: